Remember when Netflix and Hulu removed the dark elf episode of Community and it solved racism? Here’s hoping tech companies have more than performative solidarity with reproductive rights.

I’m not a fan of cookie banners as the solution to online tracking, but WOW are they different when you’re actually in the EU.

Like… websites still work if you say no. The messaging is super clear about EXACTLY how you’re being tracked. Even Google (!) has a privacy pop-up when you land on the search page.

Every video game needs a “you haven’t played this in over a year, here’s a refresher on how it works” option

Breaking Bad walked so Better Call Saul could run

In conclusion, the modern entertainment industry was a mistake

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Seats: I’ve had better on a Southwest flight
Screen: I think they got a discount LCD projector from Best Buy?
Drinks: none available

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I don’t have a particularly fancy home theater setup so the fact that I just walked out of my local AMC and abandoned my ticket says something about avoiding that theater at all costs.

Me: I do not want subtitles

The more I look into running an open ActivityPub relay, the more I understand why no one runs an open ActivityPub relay.

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that have to make these choices. The day Republicans embrace comprehensive sex education, funding for family planning and contraception, and a social safety net for children and families, I’ll believe they’re pro-life. But I’m not willing to sit silently as an extremist minority tries to ban medical care. /end

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It often feels like the extremist right dominates the narrative on abortion, but only 13% of Americans believe that abortion should always be illegal. Even if you don’t believe that abortion in all circumstances should be an individual choice (although I do), the literature on why even desired pregnancies can end in a life-preserving abortion is not hard to find. While I desperately hope abortion stays legal in the US, even if it doesn’t, I’ll do whatever I can to assist the women and families/1

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